Buyer Commission Share FAQ's

Yes, using this website will save you most of the buy side real estate commission.  

How Much Will I Save?

Based on $500k @ 3% expect to keep $11,000 of Your buy side R.E. commission.

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Where Can I Get A Rebate?

Anywhere in Florida.

What Can I Buy?

We broker residential, commercial, new, resale & everything in between.

How Do I Get My Money?

Ideally we will credit your entire amount owed on the closing statement.


Rarely.  Our service is designed for savvier buyers that like to scout their own opportunities.

Contact us if you like the idea of our services but don’t fully grasp how to view properties & close your transactions semi- independent.


We love a good negotiation.  You can dictate the terms as you see fit, ask us for our expert opinion or a mix of both.


Yes.  While we don’t show up we are with you through the entire purchase process.

Escrow Deposit?

A consumer of Florida real estate has 1st discretion to the whereabouts of an escrow deposit.  

Deposits are usually due 4 calendar days after terms are agreed & your contract is signed.

Escrow agents are easy to find & best to have identified before you need them  Start your journey finding a closing agent HERE.

How Do I Make An Offer?

Use our Submit Offer Form to start your bid.  The information you provide is used to create a FAR/BAR AS-Is Contract.

May I Cancel?

Yes.  Most contracts have a 10 to 15 day cancellation period.

If you are getting a mortgage you can expect a 30 day approval window too.

You can expect to receive a full refund of your deposit when you choose to cancel subject to extraordinary circumstances.

Who Am I Dealing With?

Based out of S. Florida Mr. Pizzarelli started to shift his established (1999) traditional real estate practice online circa 2013.

Working his way up from $800 a month rentals to $800,000,000 style projects your broker has vast deal making experience.



Distress, bank, short & other complex single property sales are not serviced.

May I Talk To Someone?

Of course.   Before, during or after your purchase with Str8 R.E. Co. we are available via phone.  We love real estate & appreciate all opportunities to talk shop & the Art of Your Deal. 

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