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Str8 R.E. co. is a digitally bespoke brokerage catering to property savvy high net worth contacts.ย  We serve every Florida property style & prefer transactions + $1M.

Buyer’s may use our commission share for a credit at closing, cash back, price reduction or a variable incentive to seal a deal for a competitive property.ย 

Sellers who prefer a low key approach to attain their highest and best sale price are a good fit for our off MLS Marketplace.ย 

Landlords, tenantsย  & those of you in active considerations are good candidates for our consultant, tenant commission share & lease creation services.

Principal Broker

*Until further notice all offers require a min 1/2% bonus to listing agent.ย  If it is a property you really want bonus the listing agent 100% of the commission to have the best chance of success in todays hyper competitive market.

Win Offers

Learn to use Str8 R.E. co. commission share for an upper hand in this ultra competitive bidding market.


Stern & steady our bespoke process is low key, off MLS, aimed to fetch you highest best term.

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