Our Florida ReaL estate Commission Rebate rate compounds with every Str8 ReaL estate Company property purchase you complete.


80% Real Estate Commission Rebate to $800,000


85% Real Estate Commission Rebate below $3,000,000


90% Real Estate Commission Rebate $3,000,000 +


Start your Florida real estate commission rebate anytime through our Submit Offer Form .  Once we receive your property details we will create your offer and send you a draft contract to review.  Once you agree the contract reflects your wishes we will send you the offer via e-mail to be signed digitally before sending your offer on to be negotiated.  When you’re in contract we will assist you every step of the way until closing.

Creating your contract and sending an offer on your behalf is not the only way we will help you achieve a property purchase.  Str8 ReaL estate is owned and operated by a savvy real estate broker with private client contacts including multiple Forbes 400 members.

Real estate commission rebates are legal in 40 states and Florida is one of them. A real estate commission rebate also referred to as a kickback allows a real estate broker to share their real estate commission with property buyers and sellers.  A real estate commission rebate recipient may apply their rebate in several forms including property purchase price reductions, mortgage closing cost & money back at closing.