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Str8 Real Estate Company

Savvy Brokerage For Savvy Principals

What We Offer

#Str8REco is a digital #Florida R.E. Purchasing Platform featuring:


Founder, Operator, and Principal Licensed Real Estate Broker Anthony Pizzarelli reached the top of the South Florida 6% Assassin Sport by 2004. Circa 2013, he started thinking about the future of the Dirt Deal, and #Str8REco was born.

“I think of myself as a real estate triple threat. For starters, my background is earnest and humble. Most brokers only run agents, and most agents only work a niche market if they specialize at all. I, on the other hand, catalyzed a 12-office real estate company, recruiting, marketing, and overseeing 200 agents in my 20s. Next, I was a perennial top 100 Florida agent for a branded real estate company by 30 before pursuing billionaire commerce thanks to my Palm Beach Island presence.”


Commission Share:  QUOTE
New, resale, residential & commercial. The #Str8REco Commission Share is price, property & industry sensitive so rates are not published.  Thank you for understanding.

Consult: $200

20 min voice call best for users in or about to enter a listing or purchase agreement anywhere U.S.  24 hour notice preferred, Saturday 2 x’s rate.

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