Buyer Agent Commission Rebate

A buyer agent commission rebate is when a buyers real estate agent gives the buyer a portion of the commission they earn from the sale of the property. Typically a buyers agent will earn 3% of the property sale price. It’s becoming more and more common for real estate agents to share their commission with buyers through real estate commission rebates.

Buyers should be leery of brokers who do offer commission rebates as a lot of new and inexperienced agents discount their commissions to break into the business and earn new customers. Our 80% commission rebate is anchored by an experienced real estate broker with over a 1/2 BiLLion in properties served.

We empower you to find & see properties on your own and that is one of the reasons our buyer agent commission rebate is so high. While we may not be with you during your viewings and inspections we are with you & accessible through the entire process. When you do find a property you’d like to buy simply use our Submit Offer Form to start the process and we will create your contract and send it to you for an e-sign before presenting it to the seller. We love negotiating real estate so please feel free to contact us and pick our brain when considering how and what to offer on a Florida property for sale.

Str8 ReaL estate Company was conceived to help property owners sell their properties direct to buyers without a real estate agent. Along the way we created our 80% buyer agent commission rebate and have been helping Florida home buyers save an average of 80% per Florida property purchase.

Read the Frequently Asked Questions from our sister site Cash 2 Cloze & use the contact form below to contact us or just submit us your property offer details when you’re ready to buy your next Florida home, condo or another form of property.

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