Use Str8 ReaL estate to raise money for causes that you care about. I’m 18 year real estate sales veteran Anthony Pizzarelli. I’ve serviced over a 1/2 BiLLioN in real estate in my career and I love selling property. A few years ago I started thinking how technology was going to impact my ability to charge people 6% commissions to sell their homes so I decided to be the change I feared & created Str8 ReaL estate.

Each year consumers pay about $100,000,000,000 ($100 BiLLioN) in real estate commissions. It’s my goal to siphon at least $1,000,000,000 ($1 BiLLioN) of those real estate agent fees into charitable causes through #LiVE2GiVE #Str8ReaLestate.

There are 2 ways 2 raise money with Str8 ReaL estate #USa:

1: Property Sellers: Property owners who use our FREE services are asked to make a pledge of $888 to start. When a property is sold we ask successful sellers to complete their donation & share their success via social media posts tagged #LiVE2GiVE #Str8ReaLestate.  Our FREE For Sale By Owner platform works in all 50 states & is based on our 11 step Str8 ReaL estate Selling Method.

2. Property Buyers: Currently offered in Florida property buyers save 80% on real estate commissions using our Cash 2 Cloze Str8 Rebate.   Our real estate commission rebate allows us to give Florida property buyers & tenants cash back, pay their closing cost, reduce purchase prices & lease expenses.  Str8 ReaL estate will donate 1/2 half of our fee to your charity when someone you know uses Str8 ReaL estate Company to buy & lease Florida property.


How 2 Start

It’s up to the property sellers to choose their pledges and complete their donations. My best suggestion is to introduce Str8ReaLestate.com to any would be property seller you know, ask them to watch out Start Str8 ReaL estate Video and ask them to pledge their donation to your cause.  In instances of higher priced properties the pledge can be increased and we may be able to stir some local press and social media around the effort which increases the property being sold exposure. Can you say win win?

The Cash 2 Cloze 80% real estate commission rebate is where we create traceable websites that can be used by your organization members to promote our effort. You and your team can hand feed would be real estate buyers contact information, send the link out in e-mail blasts and use Social Media to raise awareness of our campaign where any buyer generated by your efforts will be traced. Upon the closing of each sale I will go to your website and make the donation to your cause.  To get a traceable website simply CLiCK HERE to register & I will contact you soon after to go over the finer details.


It occurred to me one night that I am able to fulfill my personal needs but will never be able to fulfill the needs of those less fortunate than I. As an ambitious business professional I have noticed people like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet & Mark Zuckerberg reach the pinnacles of professional success only to begin fiercely giving their wealth away. With that in mind I baked the charitable #LiVE2GiVE component into Str8 ReaL estate to start the giving process now & I cannot express the enthusiasm I have thinking how you, me & Str8 ReaL estate can be known as the catalyst to one of the most charitable efforts mankind has ever known.

Thank you for considering partnering with Str8 ReaL estate & I look forward to exploring new altruistic heights alongside you.

Best Wishes aLways,