5 Basic Steps to 80% Rebates


1. Find Your Own Property: Use your nose and be independent. This internet thing~ is helpful. You’ve mastered the art of finding the Zillow, Trulia, Realt0r.con Tri-fecta now go talk to the seller and the sellers broker directly and make your deal. ¬†Watching How to Find & Know a Property Seller Online¬†will help you deal direct with listing agents and property sellers. Creating an aLways Free #Str8Profile grants you access to me; my $100,000,000 real estate deal making mind & my willingness to watch you have the best real estate buying experience of your life via my #Str8ReaLestate suite of services.

2. Download the Consent to Contact Form:¬† The whole reason you’re here is to save money on real estate commissions. ¬†To make this happen you want to claim the right to the commission offered to a buyers broker. ¬†How do you claim it? ¬†You advise all real estate sellers and listing brokers you are working with Str8ReaLestate.com as your broker upon 1st contact. You and I have an arrangement thanks to the¬†Consent to Contact Form authorizing your direct dealing with listing brokers and sellers to collect specific property details, schedule viewings and make offers.

3. Make Your Offer: Offer on a property like the Big Boys. Fill out the non-binding #Str8ReaLestate Letter of Intent to Purchase Florida Real Estate (L.O.I.) and submit it to the listing broker, the sellers attorney and the property seller to put your purchase in motion. As a Florida buyer you have the right to pick an escrow agent for your 1st deposit.  Be prepared to identify which Florida Attorney you intend to use.

#Str8Rebate helps you buy Florida Property while reducing your expenses. ¬†I enjoy expert negotiations and encourage you to use more than just e-mail and the #Str8ReaLestate message board by calling me @ 561-670-3844. ¬†If you’re at the point you know what you want and feel the need to hash out some expectations, ideas or whatever I’m eager to serve.

4. From Formal Contract to Closing: The offers in and done and the purchase contract is signed. ¬†Now what? ¬†By now we’ve probably spoken a few times to make the deal happen. ¬†Now, we act according to the terms of the contract and assure that you understand when and what is happening. ¬†As a #Str8Rebate User you will be using a Florida Real Estate Broker with near $100,000,000 in career real estate dealings and an objective to deliver you an exceptional purchase experience.

5. Start Now:  Reach out to me via social media, e-mail and 888-888-2814 to learn the finer points to collecting your 80% Florida Real Estate Commission Rebate.

a 3% commission on a $1,000,000 property purchase yields a $24,000 #Str8Rebate.