Florida Home Buyer Rebate

a Florida Home Buyer Rebate is a Gr8 way to save money on real estate commissions.  Legal in Florida you’ll find buying a new or resale property with a commission rebate from Str8 ReaL estate to be an easy & enjoyable process.  We give you 80% of our commission for the 1st $1,000,000 & 90% of our commission for any amount over.

Str8 ReaL estate’s broker has been licensed since 1999 & has serviced over 1/2 Billion in properties.

Whether buying a new or resale property our rebate can work for you.  We recommend you contact us to say hi and touch base early in the process.  When you find a property you’re interested in just fill our SUBMIT OFFER FORM to get the process started.  Sometimes securing rebate only requires you adding Str8 ReaL estate to a new construction home offer & other times the process is a bit more traditional.  We will help you through all phases of the sale to include property analysis & offer terms.

Learn more about commission rebates via our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Home Buyer Rebate


Florida Home Buyer Rebate