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There are many Florida homes for sale and you must make sure you become familiar with smart ways to save on your home purchase. Did you know that you can save up to 2% off the final purchase price of a new Florida home? That’s why were are here to help!  Str8Rebate can help you utilize this rebate opportunity and enjoy huge savings! We’ve been licensed since 1999 and have completed near 1/2 Billion in real estate sales. We are based in West Palm Beach and can help you buy homes for sale in Florida.

If you like the idea of saving 2% or more and having control of your next Florida property purchase, I suggest you contact us to learn a little more about how the process works.  In some instances taking advantage of our 80% commission rebate is as easy as adding Str8ReaLestate.com to a purchase contract you may be about to sign with a listing agent or a new construction developer. We make the process extremely easy. Start exploring homes for sale in Florida and contact us when you are ready to submit an offer and save 2% or more!

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