80% – 90% Florida Property Commission Rebate

Our Florida property Commission Rebate will give you back 80% – 90% of our fee at closing. Get your commission rebate in the form of a check, a credit to your closing cost or a reduction in your purchase price.   Use our rebate for both New Construction & Resale Purchases.   Contact Us anytime to get your Florida Property Purchase rebate process started.   888-888-2814

Learn more about commission rebates via our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Home Buyer Rebate


A Florida real estate commission rebate will save you money buying property. Real estate commission rebates are legal in 40 states and Florida is one of them. A real estate commission rebate also referred to as a kickback allows your real estate agent and broker to give you part of their commission back at a closing. A property buyer can receive their commission rebate as a credit to reduce a property purchase price, reduce mortgage closing cost or receive money back at closing.
Florida Property Commission Rebate