Using a Florida real estate commission rebate may save you 2% or more of your final purchase price.  I’ve been licensed since 1999 and have completed near 1/2 Billion in real estate sales and leases in my career.  I’m based out of West Palm Beach Florida and can help you buy a property anywhere in Florida.  If you like the idea of saving 2% or more and having control of your next Florida property purchase I suggest you contact me to learn a little more about how the process works and to see if we’re a good fit to work together.

Unlike most brokers who use discount methods to get a leg up on a market I am offering this service as a way to take advantage of the internet.  I’ve been to the mountain top of the real estate brokerage business working next to some of the top rated brokers according to the Wall Street Journal and can assure you the level of expertise you’re going to receive is usually only available for top 1% income types.  In some instances taking advantage of my 80% commission rebate is as easy as adding to a purchase contract you may be about to sign with a listing agent or a new construction developer.

Thank you for your consideration of #Str8Rebate & I look forward to helping you save up to 2% on your final purchase price using a florida real estate commission rebate!