Our Florida Real Estate Commission Rebates will give you back 80% of our fee at closing. Get your commission rebates in the form of a check, a credit to your closing cost or a reduction in your purchase price.   Use our rebate for both New Construction & Resale Purchases.   Contact Us anytime to get your Florida Property Purchase rebate process started.   888-888-2814

Florida ReaL estate Commission Rebate

Florida real estate commission rebates save you money buying property. Real estate commission rebates are legal in 40 states and Florida is one of them. Real estate commission rebates also referred to as a kickbacks allow your real estate agent and broker to give you part of their commission back at a closing. A property buyer can receive commission rebates as a credit to reduce a property purchase price, reduce mortgage closing cost or receive money back at closing.

Our real estate commission rebates are 80% of the total commission on the first $1,000,000 and 90% for any amount over $1,000,000 and works anywhere in Florida for both new and resale properties.

Str8 ReaL estate is owned & operated by Florida ReaL estate broker Anthony Pizzarelli.  With over 18 years experience and a 1/2 Billion in real estate serviced your Florida real estate commission rebate purchase is handled by a top tier professional.  While we are an online Florida Real Estate Broker service we are here to help you every step of the way.  Please contact us at anytime to discuss anything you may wish that may help achieve your Florida real estate commission rebate purchase goals.

Getting started to collect your rebate is as easy as filling in one of our contact forms or jump right into it and lets us know what property you’d like to bid on using or online Submit Offer Form anytime.  Once we recieve your property details we will create your offer and send you a draft contract to review.  Once you agree the contract reflects your wishes we will send you the offer via e-mail to be signed digitally before sending your offer on to the selling agent to be negotiated.  When you’re in contract we will assist you every step of the way until closing.

Our average Florida home buyer is saving about $8,000 & we look forward to showing you how easy it is buying your next property with out Florida real estate commission rebate.