Florida Waterfront Homes for Sale

Florida waterfront homes for sale can be found up and down the coast of Florida.  Considering Florida is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean & the Gulf of Mexico it’s not tough to find a waterfront home for sale wherever you may be looking in Florida.

Oceanfront and intercoastal properties seem to be the most desirable waterfront properties that people seek.  Most of Florida’s population is within a few miles of the coastline.  Other waterfront variations include lakes & natural springs.

Waterfront condos line the shores of the coast and are dotted with single family homes here and there.  While the most expensive properties tend to be found along a waterfront there are plenty of waterfront properties available from as little as $150,000 is you know where to look.

I feel one of the biggest perks of living on the water aside from a nice few are the breezes.  Large bodies of water tend to lend themselves to strong breezes which are great for making summers a bearable & work really good at keeping the bugs away.

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florida waterfront homes for sale