80% – 90% Franklin Florida ReaL estate Commission Rebate

a Franklin Florida ReaL estate Commission Rebate will save you serious money buying Franklin Florida area properties.  Our Franklin Florida ReaL estate Commission Rebate is 80% for the 1st $1,000,000 and increases to 90% for any amount over.  Rebates are 100% legal in Florida & you can our Str8 ReaL estate Company rebates to buy both new and resale properties, homes, condos & everything in between including commercial properties.

The entire coast line of Franklin County was inhabited by Native Americans for about 12,000 years. Life along the coast was good since seafood was abundant. They traded with the Native Americans in Tallahassee for clay and other items not available on the coast. One style of pottery first found in Carrabelle is named Carrabelle Punctuated. A clay pot was made and, while still damp, the potter would take a small stick of a similar object and press the end of the stick into the clay numerous times until the entire pot was covered with small indentations. It was then placed into a shallow pit, covered with small tree branches, and fired. The result was a decorated water resistant pot. Franklin County was founded in 1832. It was named for Benjamin Franklin. The second largest town in Franklin County is Carrabelle, 25 miles east of Apalachiola on the Carrabelle River.

During World War II most of Franklin County was used by the U.S. military for jungle training. The beaches and islands were ideal for amphibious training. When the war ended and the military left, Lanark Village was established from the remaining Officer’s quarters.

When you use our Franklin Florida ReaL estate Commission Rebate you will be working with our veteran real estate broker.  Based on the east side of West Palm Beach our real estate broker Anthony Pizzarelli has dealt with some of the worlds wealthiest real estate consumers who he continues to consult with.  With over a 1/2 billion in Florida properties serviced you will be working with a broker who knows the ins and outs of a real estate sale usually only reserved for customers who spend $1,000,000’s of dollars on real estate purchase.

Using a Franklin Florida ReaL estate Commission Rebate is easy.  We suggest you contact us early in the process to review the process.  When you’re ready to submit an offer use our SUBMIT OFFER FORM & we will prepare your contract.  Sometimes confirming your Franklin Florida real estate commission rebate is easy as adding Str8 ReaL estate Company to your purchase contract.

While we may be an online service we are with you every step of the way & we look forward to helping you complete & save serious money buying your next Franklin Florida property purchase.

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Franklin Florida ReaL estate Commission Rebate