Using a commission rebate is a very smart way to buy new homes for sale.

When shopping new homes and condos for sale advise the sales associates who work for the developer you are using Str8 ReaL estate Company as your broker. The cer below is a reference tool so you can keep the contact information you’ll need to register as your broker & complete your purchase contract through the developer.

We are happy to present your offer to the developer too. When you are ready please provide us details of your bid via our SUBMIT OFFER PAGE & we will jump to the occasion.

Buying new construction development in Florida is made easy by through a mandated 15 day right to cancel period.

While our rebate can be easily applied to buy new construction with just a few e-mails between us please keep in mind we like to serve & love real estate deals so don’t hesitate to ask us to think through your purchase decision with you anytime during your new construction purchase process.

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