Oceana Key Biscayne Florida Real Estate Commission Rebate

Our Oceana Key Biscayne Florida Real Estate Commission Rebate saves you money buying Florida luxury homes & condos.  With its exceptional location, Oceana Key Biscayne is one of a kind. A project that arises from the exquisite taste and quality of Argentine developer, Eduardo Costantini, and a team of renowned architects led by Bernardo Fort Brescia, and impeccable state of the art interior designs by Yabu Pushelberg, this is the most anticipated project of the decade.

It is a gem in an island paradise, with 142 units and 12 magnificent villas and features that stretch from the beauty and exclusivity of their own beach, Oceana combines resort-style amenities with the features you can’t live without, from the spa/sauna and fitness center to the art gallery and restaurants.

Like life, Key Biscayne is enriched with opposites. It’s lush and wild yet luxurious and refined. Trade your flip flops by day for stilettos by night. A place to raise a glass and raise a family. One island, a thousand possibilities.

A place to impress, boasting expansive green lawns, beautiful ocean front pools and a relaxing spa – just some of the features that will make your Oceana experience unique.

Oceana is the first building to be LEED-certified making it an inspiring project that balances beautiful architecture and design with an environmental conscience.  LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is an internationally recognized mark of excellence and an independent, third-party certification, verifying that a building was designed and built using green, energy-efficient strategies.

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A Oceana Key Biscayne Florida Real Estate Commission Rebate will save you money buying property. Real estate commission rebates are legal in 40 states and Florida is one of them. A real estate commission rebate also referred to as a kickback allows your real estate agent and broker to give you part of their commission back at a closing. A property buyer can receive their commission rebate as a credit to reduce a property purchase price, reduce mortgage closing cost or receive money back at closing.