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Please provide an e-mail address for each contract signee.
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The fields of this form help us create your offer.  Your contact information is vital & we request bank pre-approvals & proof of funds upon submission or upon an agreed purchase price.

Once a form is submitted we will create your purchase offer. If we have any questions, comments or concerns we’ll reach out to you; Otherwise expect to see the contract for the 1st time within about an hour of your submission via e-sign format.

It’s suggested you learn the contract as part of your buying process.  Understanding a few key points of the contract will increase our ability to make your strongest offer.  That said outside of extraordinary circumstances the first draft of the offer Str8 R.E. sends sets your submitted terms for their highest & best chance for acceptance.  If you care to review the FL AS-IS Purchase Contract please request access   to  retrieve a password.

Paragraph 12 is the comfort zone yielding a specified period of time to cancel your deal and receive your deposit back in full.

The 1st escrow deposit is due within 4 calander days of a dually signed contract.

It’s best practice and a real estate buyers consumer right to have people you dictate hold your deposits.  Please visit Closings to learn more.

Cash term buyers are encouraged to add an appraisal contingency.

Condo buyers can expect to receive a copy of Condo Documents & Full Disclosure of Fees prior to closing. Approvals may be required by condo & homeowners associations & are to be administered & obtained at the buyers sole discretion.

Money moves during business hours & so do we.  It’s best to do business during proper business hours so please save weekend bids for extraordinary opportunities or with advanced notice.

Str8 ReaL estate Co. is owned & operated by a digitally curious & exceptionally experienced licensed broker.

Best Wishes,
FL. R.E. Broker


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