The Str8 ReaL estate Selling Method can be boiled down to these three points.

Price: People don’t buy things that are over priced. Whether it’s a can of corn, an iPhone or your property. Pricing your property right will make all the difference in you being successful selling your property or not.

Presentation: 1st impressions count. Gr8 photos & a clean uncluttered well lit property increases your chance to attract purchase offers.

Process: Most F.S.B.O. efforts fail because a purchase process for a potential buyer is not defined. Hiring an attorney early in the sales effort means you will be able to direct a would be buyer confidently to the next steps of offer, contract and closing.

Selling real estate can be easy and fun. Think of the Str8 ReaL estate Selling Method as your guide and understand your chances to succeed increase when you are mindful of The 3 P’s ~ Price ~ Presentation ~ Process