Realtor Rebate

a Realtor Rebate can save you money buying Florida homes, condos and everything in-between.  Str8 ReaL estate Company IS NOT a member of the Realtor association for strategic purposes which helps us serve our juicy 80% commission rebate to out customers.

Why choose Str8 ReaL estate for your Rebate Broker?

  • 18+ Years of Experience as a broker
  • 1/2 Billion in Real Estate Sales
  • Save 2% or more AND Have Control of Your Real Estate Purchase

Have you been searching the internet desperately trying to find a realtor rebate?  Well, look no further as Str8 ReaL estate Company has the perfect solution to help you save thousands of dollars on your next home purchase.  We are able to help home buyers save by offering an 80% real estate rebate.  Most people don’t realize such a program exists however, our experts have been offering this rebate to home buyers for years.

You will have peace of mind working with our agency. Str8 ReaL estate Company is owned and operated by an experienced broker who has been selling Florida ReaL estate since 1999 and we have sold almost 1/2 Billion in real estate sales.  We are located in West Palm Beach however, our experts can help you buy a property anywhere in Florida.

If you are wondering if this process is complicated, you can think again.  Wait until you see just how stress free and fast the home buying process will be with us as your broker.  In many cases, saving with our 80% commission rebate can be as easy as adding Str8 ReaL estate Company to your purchase contract.  Another option is to use our Submit Offer Form & we will create your contract and present your property purchase offer for you anytime.  If you have more questions we suggest you visit our sister site‘s  Frequently Asked Questions page. 

Do you want to know exactly how much you can save on your home? Call us or fill out a contact form email and we can explain everything in full detail.

Realtor Rebate – Real Estate Brokers

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