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Str8Rebate.com is the real estate broker you have been hoping for.  If you have been looking for rebate realty, look no further because our experts have the perfect solution.  We offer Florida home buyers an 80% real estate rebate which can save them thousands of dollars.

Aside from money savings solutions, we offer our customers a high level of expertise.  The professionals at Str8Rebate.com have been saving home buyers money since 1999 and we have sold nearly a 1/2 billion dollars in real estate sales.  Our main office is located in West Palm Beach, Florida but rest assured that we can help you purchase a home anywhere in the state of Florida.

If you want to save 2% or more on the final purchase price of your next property purchase, make sure to choose us as your real estate broker.  We will make the process fast, easy and completely stress-free.  In fact, taking advantage of our rebate is sometimes as simple as adding Str8RealEstate.com as your broker to your home purchase contract.

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