Str8 R.E. co. is a digitally bespoke Florida licensed brokerage specializing in variable commission structures for high net worth contacts.


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Start your qualifying listing anytime.  We are interested in savvy owners with excellent condition premium properties.

Residential or commercial Str8 R.E. co. has you covered.

We firmly believe todays digital age enables savvy principals to participate in the sale of their properties like never before.  If you like the idea of steering your own process & are able to accommodate property access Str8 R.E. co. may be a Gr8 option to sell your premium asset. 

If you’ve been in contract for a new construction property you may be able to make good money right now.

If you have any interest in learning how much your Florida new construction contract may be worth drop us a submission to explore your possibilities.

As a seller it’s best practice to offer an administrative path to closing.  Find a local real estate attorney who is authorized to issue Title Insurance from name brand insurers.  Find an Esquire you vibe with, ask them handle the closing & offer them as an option to hold buyer deposits when an offer comes forth you like to accept. 

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