Closing Time: Closing real estate is an exciting time. It’s also a very serious time exchanging large sums of money. Please keep in mind that all parties may not share enthusiasm for the sale. On or around closing is a good time to say less, keep to yourself and simply complete the sale.

Be sure to secure all proceeds of the sale prior to releasing possession of the property. You’ll likely sign all your documents before your money is released to you. If it’s a cash sale it is standard procedure for the buyer to have wired the money in advance of the closing to your real estate attorney escrow account. All monies come from the buyer/mortgage lender to the escrow attorney fist and then the proceeds are disbursed to you and maybe your lender to payoff any mortgage(s).

It’s my opinion to ask all monies to be wired 3 business days in advance of a closing to the escrow account. Be happy when you have all the monies collected within 12-36hrs of your closing.

Please be sure your final closing pays homage to your use of Str8 ReaL estate by recording your final sale price in 888. Example; $500,888. This helps us track our performance and also signifies your use of Str8 ReaL estate. Now that you’ve closed and realized your final savings from not using a commissioned real estate agent to complete your sale please find your way over to and complete your $888 donation & share your successful experience with us via Social Media & tagging your post #LiVE2GiVE #Str8ReaLestate #USa.