Show Property to Buyers: If you’re shy you may consider a broker fee of 6% a bargain. However when you stop and think about it you probably have friends who would love to help you in the process. Also consider family members wanting to flaunt their real estate sales skills as viable options to assist you in showing the property. Showing properties to buyers is the roadblock most do it yourselfers stumble on when in fact with a little know how and preparedness it’s one of the most enjoyable aspects of the sales process.

There is a myth in real estate that states people who own their own property shouldn’t show their property to buyers. Guess who planted that marketing seed? The best person to show a property is the person who owns that property. As a seller be prepared for innocent off comments by would be buyers. If you do find yourself offended or emotional while showing your home it’s o.k. and may be a sign your not willing to sell. If you are in sell mode this is a good time to let personable family members and friends assist with letting people through the property.

REMOTE ACCESS: Fun with deadbolts and web-cams. It’s not quite the Jetsons but it is 2017 & technology is taking over. 9 out of 10 buyers are going to want to see the place and/or send a friend or family member or business associate by to look. If you have a vacant property or don’t mind not being home when people come through simply use an electronic deadbolt and a remote Wi-Fi WebCam to grant access and monitor showings without being present. You can find my suggestions for high tech items to help you show your property @ .

HARDCORE SHOWING: Prior to meeting any prospective buyer whether it be personally or using remote access it is best to collect a copy of the persons identification and a bank pre~approval letter. One of the good results of the real estate market correction of 2008 was the new practice of cash buyers providing proof of funds through bank and asset statements provided by certified accountants and investment bankers. It is perfectly acceptable to ask a cash buyer to provide proof of funds via PDF. Advise them to black-out their account numbers and drivers license numbers too. Do some social media snooping and ask them to connect with you on Facebook and LinkediN too. If you are priced correctly would be buyers will comply. Those that don’t aren’t worth the time. Hold your ground and make sure you are dealing with capable and competent buyers.

When your guest arrives it’s always best to have as few people in the home as possible. Be sure to have all the lights on, ALL window blinds wide open & the place as tidy as possible. A few doors and windows open to keep fresh air coming through is sometimes helpful. People don’t need you to point out the kitchen and the dinning room. The best thing you can do is advise them of any tricky steps, loose flooring, tough to notice rooms and feature. Don’t offer them anything to eat and drink just let them go on their own way through. Remember, we’ve made them earn their right to appear with proof of identification and proof of funds so let them control the tempo and pace the viewing. Expect to spend 10-20 minutes for a typical showing with 70% of it in silence and very direct dialogue. Go sit in your favorite spot and just be quite. If you’re there with a wing friend be sure they’re quite too. The less you say right now is the best you say right now. Keep the TV off and pass on music too.

So it’s become obvious that the buyer is done looking. Feel free to offer them something to eat and drink at this time and engage in some friendly conversation and ask if they have any questions. Chances are if they have any questions they’ve already asked them or are going to ask you now. At this time it’s okay to point out a few features of the home that you feel are important and add value. Share with them why you like living in the area and some of the conveniences that you find enjoyable. Let the buyer broach the topic of making an offer. If the buyer seems distant and quite and unwilling to engage in conversation it’s o.k. People have reclusive personalities and may be deep in thought considering your property. It’s rare a buyer will make you an offer on the spot and even if they do it may be impulsive and we don’t want impulsive. However if it’s a red hot market and houses are selling quickly then be prepared and ready to write offers and collect deposits right on the spot. Use a Letter of Intent similar to the one you’ll fine on and outline the basic purchase terms.

Follow up with any looker within 72~hrs of their viewing. Reaching out anytime before 18~hrs is tacky. When you do get in touch I am commanding you to ask “Would you like to make an offer?” at some point of every follow up conversation. Following up via phone call is likely still the best method however some people prefer text message and e-mail. I would try all three at least three times each if no response. Social media is a great way to communicate too. Friend requesting prospects on Facebook and LinkediN is a great way to keep your buyer ~ seller connection warm before, during and after the sale. Don’t over pursue any buyer more than a few follow ups and don’t feel like you have to make a sale happen.

People buy people. Often time if the buyer is considering two properties the tie breaker will be who they are buying the property from. Don’t over sell yourself, but understand the impression you make on a potential buyer may be the difference in their decision to purchase.