A legal real estate commission share may occur when a licensed R.E. Broker gives their fee to a principal party of a property sale.


Our online platform works anywhere in Florida to buy new, resale, commercial, residential, multi-family, land & industrial properties. 

Our advanced experience leasing, buying & selling makes us a nice partner for professional multi-property operators too.


Back @ Close Projections

A $500,000 buyer @ 3% = $11,000

$1,000,000 @ 3% = $26,000

$3,000,000 @ 3% = $81,000

$7,000,000 @ 3% = $201,000

$55,000,000 @ 3% = $1,530,000


We cap our share of the New Construction Commission to $2,000 per $500,000 spent.

New construction / developer commission shares are achieved by registering Str8 R.E. Co. as your Broker of Record when signing a purchase contract with a developer.

When registering for tours & entering into offers direct with builder / developers please use our basic contact info. 

It’s best practice to have us / your attotney review any purchase contact before signing.


Our generous online commission rebate service is designed for savvy buyers who appreciate working
at their own pace & engaging directly with selling parties.


Expert Broker  

Licensed in 1999 with over $500,000,000 served. 


Put it in writing. 

Start your purchase anytime with our non-binding online offer feature.

Once you’ve found a property let us know the details of your offer.  We’ll create the appropriate purchase contract & your 1st deposit will be a due a few days after terms have been accepted.